All your moments together have led you here

It’s your most important day

Interstellar Films was founded with the desire to create gorgeous, handcrafted films that capture the spirit, love and joy of your special day. We're with you on the wedding day from beginning to end to ensure we capture every meaningful moment.

Our goal is to capture the spirit of who you are together, along with your loving family and friends and channel that into your own personalized wedding film.

I blend my professional background, knowledge, and skills with a personalized approach and first-class service. Allowing you to feel confident from beginning to end.

The love is in the details and that’s what separates Interstellar Films from the others.

You can count on us every step of the way to support you, to be there when it matters, and to capture beautiful video so we can tell your love story back to you genuinely and authentically.

Sebastien Rodriguez


When I got my hands on a camera at a young age, I realized that I loved to capture moments as they happened. Beautiful moments amongst friends and family that would have otherwise faded into memory. I discovered a passion for telling stories through film, capturing special events with care so they could be enjoyed long into the future.

With an emphasis on storytelling and letting each precious moment happen organically, I work with you every step of the way to make sure your wedding film is uniquely yours.

The Interstellar Guarantee

We like to offer you wedding day peace of mind. Rain or shine, we will be at your wedding. We want your day to be as worry free as possible, so all events are staffed with backup professionals and equipment.

Covid-19 Information


Absolutely. Covid-19 and variants are a serious issue and we’ve taken steps to protect ourselves and those around us. Our team is fully vaccinated, including the booster.

Is your team vaccinated?

Myself and my team of videographers follow all COVID-19 pandemic protocols such as wearing a mask and practicing social distancing where required. That said, we absolutely do not let that get in the way of delivering a beautiful film.

How do you approach filming during the pandemic?

Don’t worry! We can easily reschedule your event for a new date. No fees. No extra charges.

What happens if my venue closes or is cancelled?

General Information

We operate in the Bay Area but film all over California! From Sacramento to San Francisco and all the way down to Los Angeles and San Diego for destination weddings.

Easy! After you have selected your ideal package and reviewed your personalized proposal, an initial payment of 50% of the package cost is used as a retainer to save your date!

We typically receive more than 100 requests per year and only book around 40. So I always recommend reaching out as soon as you’re thinking about booking.

We love photos and want you to hire a photographer. Ideally you’d hire both. With video you can exist back in that moment as many times as you like. You can hear the sounds again, see the way a smile forms on your face as you look at each other. You can see that hilarious or charming speech at your reception again and watch everyone have fun on the dance floor. Video captures the emotions, the sounds, the energy, the vibe, and the feel of your wedding day for you to relive forever.

Yes! We always capture the vows with high quality audio devices for clear playback on your wedding films.

Absolutely, and we can furnish proof if requested by the venue. We are a fully insured business and strongly encourage all our clients to only work with insured vendors.

No way. We do our best to blend in on your wedding day. We do not setup tripods in the middle of the isle or leave piles of gear all over the place. We’re super organized and basically ninjas. The more out of the way we can be, the more natural and organic the emotions we can capture.

Absolutely. We’d love to meet before the wedding! We can schedule a video chat or just hop on the phone. Whichever you prefer!

We get along with everyone, we’re pretty friendly people. But yes, photographers tend to love us. We’re super respectful of photographers, great communicators, and always ensure that we work collaboratively to get you the best results.

In our fourth year now and we’ve been trusted at over 200 weddings.

This can vary, but normally our turn around time is 4-8 weeks. Sometimes It’s actually a lot quicker!

I personally believe that collaboration is key to happiness. Music can be so personal that having a song that doesn’t fit your sensibilities can take a bit of enjoyment away. So I like to work with you to find music that fits your style and use the songs we discover in your videos.

We do not have a limit on hours. We film until we’ve captured everything we need to tell your story. Generally, from when you’re getting ready in the morning, until you formally exit your wedding reception. We want you to love your film and capture everything you care about.

In short, raw video files are the raw, unprocessed, unedited, individual video clips that come straight from our cameras. We’re filming all day and often there are moments we film on your wedding day that do not make it into the final video. Some couples would like to see every moment and angle that was captured, uncut. For this, we offer the raw video files as available for purchase.

We prefer to be as unobtrusive as possible on your wedding day while still providing the highest quality video to you. So we film with the powerful but compact Canon R5 and Canon R5C. We also employ a range of telephoto lenses to ensure we grab every moment near or far.

Absolutely. We have completed and are licensed under Part 107 certification. We are fully compliant with the FAA and local flight regulations.